Our Story


penny with loaferPenny is a big, hyper and occasionally destructive Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is goofy, silly and keeps us laughing. But despite our efforts to expend her boundless energy with regular walks and runs, she still had plenty to spare. I turned to dog toys to channel Penny’s energy and was frequently disappointed. Even those marketed as “indestructible” survived only minutes before Penny destroyed them. That meant money down the drain, choking hazards from broken pieces and ripped stuffing, and more trash in a landfill. Then, one day, Penny got hold of my husband’s leather work shoe and loved it. It was in that moment that I looked over to my husband and said “Penny needs a loafer!”Penny is smart and gets bored, as many high-energy and large dogs do; so we knew our toy had to be durable and multi-faceted. That led us to make a toy embodying Penny’s style and personality.

penny and hilaryPenny resides in Richland, Washington with her owner and best friend, Hilary Kelsay, hooman dad Brett, two playmates in training Brooke and Piper, and chase buddy Shadrach, the Maine Coon cat.