Penanite™: Safe, Non-Toxic, and Buoyant

Reminiscent of a shoe or a shoe form, Penny’s Loafer will survive any rough play session. Made of crazy-durable, non-toxic PenaniteTM, it is also buoyant in water. Simply toss Penny’s Loafer in the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning.

The Key is the Key

The threaded key is made out of the same PenaniteTM, and provides a plethora of versatility. Your pooch can enjoy Penny’s Loafer with or without a plush ball heel tied to the key. He can also enjoy Penny’s Loafer with or without the key screwed in.

Plush Heels

Choose from three color options: Lickin' Lime, Pawin' Purple, and Teethin' Teal, with or without a squeaker. Stuffed with eco-friendly, 100% recycled cardboard, it is safe for Fido (or Frida).

Ready for a new plush ball heel? Simply unscrew the key and tie on a replacement


Eat Your Laces

Made of natural buffalo jerky, Penny’s Laces offer a dog an edible challenge right off the bat. Each Loafer comes pre-laced and it’s easy to re-lace when your dog finishes

researched and designed

At Penny’s Loafer we believe a good design is a well-researched design. Penny’s Loafer is specifically researched and designed for the anatomy of a dog’s mouth; the size, shape and weight of Penny’s Loafer are no coincidence. Whether your dog has a mesaticephalic, dolicephalic or brachycephalic skull type Penny’s Loafer is a perfect fit. What we as humans do with our hands, dog’s do with their mouths. When you watch a dog playing with a Penny’s Loafer dog toy, it is like you or I wearing a glove that is perfectly tailored to our hand.

a modular dog toy